Is immortality a dream, or a curse?

The main character, Mina, goes to the beach with her schoolmates. As a dare, she visits the Water Accident Monument with her best friend, Aska, and other male friends. Suddenly, paranormal phenomena occurred and her male friends die.

“Don't go to the beach.”

Mina survived, but her aunt scolded her for going to the beach. Mina lost her parents from an accident at sea.

After the incident, Mina went to the hospital to see her injured friend, Aska; but she could not get her mind off the paranormal phenomena. Mina decides to visit Haru Kamiya, a “Yutah” shaman.

It was hard for her to believe the Yutah because it seemed like a fake. Meanwhile, Aska disappeared.

The brothers Isatu and Atabie kidnapped Aska. In Okinawa, there is a Legend ofZAN, which says that immortality is granted when you eat the flesh of mermaids. In fact, as the Legend says, the brothers were living for almost a thousand years. They kidnapped Aska because she was the descendant of ZAN, and their intention was to live an eternal life. Mina tries to save Aska, not knowing that a frightening mystery was awaiting her.

It was Atabie’s scheme to set up Aska as a descendant of ZAN ? he wanted to lure Mina to him because Mina is the true descendant of ZAN. This was all part of his revenge to his brother Isatu, who killed Atabie’s girlfriend in the past.

Mina is now determined to face her destiny, and to search for a meaning of her life. She will find out the truth about her parents’ death. The battle begins with Mina and the immortal brothers. To survive, Mina needs to awaken her power as a descendant of ZAN.